Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miami Offers Shawn Corker

He's a 6'1, 180lbs WR for Cardinal Gibbons. He broke their receiving records last year and currently lists offers from Texas Tech, WVU, Auburn, Ole Miss, and others.

He uses his hands and body very well when going up and getting the ball. He knows how to position himself properly and can be a big time player for the Canes, if here were to sign that is. Here's his video, tell us what you all think.


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Friday, April 17, 2009

Canes Rumored To Get New Commitment

Right out of UF's backyard. Tavadis Glenn.

He's listed as 6'5, 265 lbs, and runs the 40 in 4.0. He has offers from USC(east), Clemson, and Arkansas. He was being recruited by other big schools like UF, FSU, LSU, Tenn.

Once it's confirmed, we'll let you guys know. We can't get any youtube video on him just yet, but he is a Rivals 4 star DT who can play both ways.

This would be a big pickup and would help Miami solidify their recruiting for the DLine this year, while adding to the class with a big name and help attract other big time recruits.

We would expect Miami to start hitting the South Florida area really hard within the next few months and hopefully locks up some other big name targets. We'll be keeping you updated during the next few weeks with a list of targets for this year's recruiting class.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Review of the Spring Game

First off it was a first rate event, real family friendly and we got to know some other UM fans that we have had limited contact with. We were sitting on the sideline behind the offense.

Allow us to go on a small tangent, Cookie was injured (Ramon Buchanon) and he had to go to the opposite sideline when he found out the offense was going to be on the near sideline. He didn't look happy about that at all but cracked a few jokes.

Javarris James was injured, but he must have spent the whole scrimmage posing for photographs and signing autographs. Now, onto the lineup:

First team Offense:

Jacory Harris, Coop, Patrick Hill, Thompkins, Byrd, Richard Gordon, Jason Fox, Orlando Franklin, A.J. Trump, Harland Gunn (Joel Figueroa in injured), Matt Pipho.

First team Defense: Olivier Vernon, Marcus Robinson, Josh Holmes, Joe Joseph, Daryl Sharpton, Futhc, Sean Spence, Brandon Harris, DVD, Randy Phillips, Telemaque.

We'll give you a quick overview here, for the sake of space on one blog entry and get to the important part, the players to watch:

First Half - Damien Berry had a very strong game and had a 50+ yard TD run. We attempted a short, 20 something yard FG which we missed, and a 40 + one that we hit. It appeared as if Jake Wieclaw was our kicker. Randy Phillips also had an interception off of a deflected pass. The pass was intended for Byrd, who went up to get it on a deep pass with Brandon Harris. Harris was able to get some contact on Byrd and the ball was deflected into the arms of Phillips who basically ran to the opposite side of the field, and then ran back to the original sideline for maybe a gain of 20 yards or so.

Second Half - John Calhoun scored from about a yard out on a pass from Cannon Smith and Mike James also scored.

Overall, the scoring system was a high scoring one, so the offense appeared to have dominated. Traditionally, the defense is always light years ahead. We're a bit hesitant to say the offense dominated, but they did show great improvement, fantastic route running, and impressive playcalling by Whipple as far as route design. Overall, the gameplan was vanilla, both on offense and defense.

Getting to the players to keep an eye out on.


1) Damien Berry - Not necessarily thinking he contributes much out of the crowded backfield next year (unless injuries take a toll, knock on wood), but his performance was great in this game. He showed speed, tough inside running, ran over several backers and defensive backs (Joe Wylie comes to mind).

2) Kendall Thompkins - He put a move on Sam Shields that literally faked him out of his shoes and had him fall sideways while trying to reach back for Kendall. He runs very clean, crisp routes, and he can contribute in a big way out of the slot with Collier next year. I expect him to surprise a lot of people next year. You heard it here first.

3) Taylor Cook - His mechanics have improved IMMENSELY since coming out of highschool. It seems as if a year in a college program, lifting weights, and learning from Whipple (for a few months) has helped him become a better QB. You can literally see him progress through his reads, display a strong arm, and good knowledge of the game. I wish there was a way to give him another redshirt so he can take over for Jacory in a few years.

Honorable Mention - Mike James looks extremely quick, moreso than we expected. He's also just as big as he looked in his film


1) Big Boom Marcus Forston - The guy has really grown into the position and I predict him to have a breakout year. He was actually running down the sideline step for step with Berry for a short while.

2) Miami Vice Vaughn Telemaque - 4 words: All over the place. He's good on coverage and excels as a tackler. Expect him and Randy Phillips to be the starters for the FSU game. He's kind of a mix between Sean and Reed. Just a smart player who is going to make some noise this year.

3) Spence - He'll take a big leap this year. Last year he broke down a bit, that's just because of him being a freshman and having to get his body used to taking the beating the college game delivers. He looks better and every bit as good if not better.

This weekend we'll link up some pictures and list some concerns regarding what we had hoped to see during the spring game. We'll also try to get to the open practice, though not much went on, and give you a list of the recruits at both events.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Link To Spring Game Highlights and Interviews

First, the link to the Spring Game:


Link to Randy's postgame interview:


Link to Jacory's postgame interview:


From a fan's perspective:


Thursday we'll have a breakdown of the game with a list of players to watch for in the upcoming fall season.

This weekend we'll try to link up a few pictures to the game and we'll also address the open practice a few weeks prior to the Spring Game.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Apologies From Us At The Canes Wire

We've been a little busy handling a variety of issues, both personal and website/blog related. We are trying to find ways to make the blog more user friendly and interactive as well.

Amidst our busy schedule the past month or so, we still made it to both the open practice at Traz Powell and the Spring Game at Lockhart. We'll try to link you to some pictures, both public ones taken by those not affiliated with us and ones that we took ourselves. We'll also have a breakdown of both practices and an update on recruiting to come in separate installments spread out within the next two weeks.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how to make this more user friendly, interactive, fun, and inspiring please comment here and let us know (One of our main goals is to make the comment sections more reflective of a traditional message board).

As always, thanks for reading and Go Canes!