Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prince Kent Update

Rumors are current prep school commite Prince Kent is no longer being recruited by Miami. After his national exposure (and burn) as CB, on national TV in January, it's not a shock, despite the fact that he was set to be a safety. More news as we get it.

Thanks for reading and Go Canes!

Friday, August 28, 2009

End of the Week Update

Canes practiced again in the early morning.

Reports are that AJ threw for 3 long TDs, two of them to Hankerson. Players seem impressed with AJ's work ethic and how quickly he's picking up the offense. It is said that he's a tireless worker and is always studying film.

It is also reported that Pipho is solidified in the RT starting position.

Of the other players who impressed in today's practice were Collier and Thompkins. We should expect Collier to be the primary receiver out of the slot, but for Thompkins to push him a lot. Not much has been mentioned of Davon Johnson this year, and it is rumored that he might redshirt.

We'll give you more news as the day progresses if any news pops up.

As always thanks for reading and Go Canes!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

5:45am practice and some recruiting news...

The Canes continue to practice early due to the nasty weather we sometimes get down here in the afternoon. Players say they enjoy the practice in the early morning because it gives them time during the rest of the day to recover and rest up any nicks they get. Leonard Hankerson practiced with a green non contact jersey on and Eric Moncur still seems to be taking it slow. Another player sideline with an apparent knee injury was Dyron Dye. Coach Shannon of course said he is just "very sore".

A little tidbit on Tuesday nights scrimmage; defense dominated most of it causing a total of four turnovers, one interception and three fumbles. The one bright spot on the offense was Lee Chambers. He was the only offensive player to score a td from the information we received.

In a little recruiting news, TE Alex Smith, a Cincinnati commt has stated he is very interested in visiting Miami and had scheduled a visit. Smith did not mention what day he would visit, but does mention that he is considering Miami hard because of there ability to put players and a lot of TE's in the NFL. We will see how that plays out.

More information later on, so stay tuned.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update on the QB Transfer

Have to keep most of what we've heard/read private for now since 1) We don't want to give out wrong info. and 2) We just aren't sure what the truth is.

Everything we've heard is that Highsmith was getting a bunch of reps in practice recently as the #2 QB. It is likely Cook saw the handwriting on the wall and asked for his release after discussing this with Coach Whipple. Right now Jake Byrnes and Matt Perellie are slated ot be our #3 and #4 QBs.

If we get any more information on this we'll let you know.

Thanks for reading and Go Canes!

Breaking News!!!

QB Cannon Smith has asked for his release from the team. He knew he was not going to be able to get on the field here at Miami. He says he already has some offers from different D-1 schools. We wish Cannon the best of luck and hopefully he can find a place that will give him an opportunity to start.

In more shocking news. Right after news was out that Smith had asked for his release, it also came out that projected #2 QB Taylor Cook had also asked for his release and it was granted. This came as a big surprise to everyone. There was rumblings that true freshman AJ Highsmith was recently getting most of the reps with the 2's. It appears Cook may have seen some writing on the wall and decided to take his game somewhere else.

This now leaves Miami with only 2 scholarship QB's, Jacory Harris and true freshman AJ Highsmith...

More news as we receive it later. Stay tuned

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Mondays practice news....

Today it was all about defense. The defense had a couple forced fumbles to go along with two interceptions and a couple sacks.
But the offense had a few nice plays of its own with Aldarius Johnson and Laron Byrd each scoring on pass plays and Javarris James and Graig Cooper on some nice runs. All in all it was a decent practice today. With some of the 1st teamers nicked up or taking the so-called "day off" some of our other guys lower on the depth chart were able to step up and make some plays. Some guys that stood out in today's practice were Jeremy Lewis putting pressure on the QB's. Tyler Horn seems to be coming along real well and seems like a suitable backup to AJ Trump. Horn got the majority of reps with the 1st teamers today as AJ is one of those guys with the day off.

In an injury update, FB Pat Hill was out of his boot and practicing with the team today. He should be fine.

Moncur continues to work on the side waiting on results from his groin injury.

Tuesday the Canes will hold their third scrimmage. Of course it will be closed to everyone, so we won't have any information until Thursday when they return to practice at the earliest.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow


Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up, Injuries, and More

First, to wrap up the end of the week practices and weekend scrimmage. This week featured a lot of players being held out, which allowed a lot of our younger players, such as Lamar Miller and Mike James, to see time. Also, Jimmy Graham has seen some extended work at TE and is getting the playbook down, bit by bit. He's learning how to run with the football better, while improving on his blocking technique. We expect his contributions to help us out in a big way this year.

The weekend scrimmage featured a fast start by the offense, with a storng answer from the defense. The offense was carried by Lee Chambers, who ran extremely well and expects to contribute a lot more this season, especially after his good performance in the dissapointing loss to Cal in the Emerald Bowl.

Defensively, Ray Ray Armstong and Chavez Grant, who got some work at Safety, both recorded interceptions. Olivier Vernon also played well and is expected to contribute a lot this year.

Second, there are some more injuries. We mentioned last week how Ojomo was knocked out by a cheap shot to the jaw. The player who did it was a walk on from Norland, and has been reportedly kicked off the team. DE Eric MOncu went to Philadelphia last week to check into a supposed groin problem. Tests were done and we are still waiting on word, although Shannon said that he will ebgin conditioning this week. That should put his availability for the FSU game in question and probably puts his return at GTech.

Pat Hill, FB, is also injured and has his foot in a boost with an ankle sprain. Also, Trump seems to have tweaked his left knee and has it wrapped up. Lamar Mllerand a few othes were also held out with injuries.

We'll keep you up to date tomorrow with a practice update and recruiting news. Now that the season is officially 2 weeks away, we'll have our blog littered with as much information as possible.

As always thanks for reading and Go Canes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Scrimmage news, TyCo picks Canes & injury update....

Some promising news coming out of what was a very secretive scrimmage on Saturday. Leonard Hankerson continues to impress. First play of the scrimmage on the wet rainy field was a 70 yard touchdown pass from Jacory Harris to Hankerson. Seems like Hank took a short pass, shook off a defender and beat everyone to the end zone. Hankerson once again scored on a 20 yard pass play. Apparently he had a chance of scoring a third touchdown, but dropped the ball in the end zone. I wouldn't worry too much about the drop, but I don't think they will give him a long leash, considering how well all the other wideouts are performing. Other players to standout and score touchdowns were Tommy Streeter on a long pass from freshman A.J. Highsmith and a short scramble into the end zone by Taylor Cook. The rb's did not score today, but made some nice plays. Javarris James had the longest run of the scrimmage and Lamar Miller looked sharp with some nice runs as well.

Offense wasn't the only side making plays. The defense had 5 turnovers, 3 of the interception variety and 2 fumbles. Interceptions were made by Randy Phillips, Chavez Grant and Jared Campbell. Freshman DE Dyron Dye had one of the 2 fumbles created by the defense.

Other defensive players who stood out in Saturdays scrimmage were Jordan Futch, Sean Spence, Allen Bailey, Ryan Hill and Vaughn Telemaque.

In recruiting news, we had commented a bit ago about LB Tyrone Cornelius and his decision to make an announcement as to where he was deciding on playing his college ball, but that never happened. Cornelius had decided to weigh his options and really think it through. He finally made his decision and chose the Canes yesterday. He chose Miami over Georgia Tech, South Carolina and Tennessee. The Canes are recruiting Cornelius as an OLB, but at approximately 6'0 189 lbs, he could make the switch to S. We are very happy to have a player of his caliber on board. Welcome to the U TyCo!!!

I won't go into too much detail as the story is still a bit sketchy. Adewale Ojomo is in jeopardy of missing the entire season with a broken jaw. Ojomo suffered injury with what is rumored to be an off the field incident in the locker room. At first Coach Shannon mentioned that he was "horsing around" in the locker room, but it was no big deal. Of course, what else could we expect to hear from Shannon. It later came out that Ojomo might have been sucker punched and broke his jaw in 2 places. Rumor has it, that it was done by a relatively new walk-on. Ojomo had surgery today and has his jaw wired shut for 5 weeks. We wont go into more detail than that, because we do not have clear cut information and we do not want to speculate any further.

Other injury news...Graig Cooper is in a boot to protect what seems to be a slight ankle sprain. He is day to day and should be ready for the September 7th showdown with the Noles. Olivier Vernon also has a slight ankle sprain, but is already starting to practice again.

Only 19 days away till opening day ladies and gentlemen. We will continue to give you more info in the coming days. We will also be letting everyone know where we will be hosting a watch party for the FSU-Miami game for those who will not be making the trip to Tally this yr. Stay tuned, We can't wait!!!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

First Week of Practice, Lots of News

Hello to all, sorry for our absence but we had some medical issues come up and keep us from being able to post blog entries, but we have read a lot about practice.

First part of bussines is the Tight end. About 6 months ago we were worried that we didn't have enough depth. Right now, those fears seem to be placated, at least a bit.
Jimmy Graham has scored multiple touchdowns, made impressive catches, and is learning the playbook day by day. We think that if we keep his workload limited he could aptly spell Epps and provide more consistency than Gordon.

The QBs spot seems fine, with Harris, Cook and Smith rounding out the top 3 and Highsmith bringing in some extra depth and athleticism. Far cry from Kirby and Kyle, huh?

RBs have played very well. Both Lamar Miller and Mike James have impressed and broken free for long runs, especially Miller. Veterans on the team are impressed with just how fast he is and his vision.

The WRs are rotating and we are able to give some of our top targets a day off. Tommy Streeter has impressed, with several touchdown catches.Kendall Thompkins is also impressing (he's our sleeper to make a BIG impact this year) along with the other usual suspects i.e. Byrd, Johnson, Benjamin and Collier.

The offensive line is solidified and Brandon Washington seems to the #1 backup off of the bench. Also expect Harland Gunn to get some minutes of PT.

Defensively, the line has been stout this year. Everyone along the line has recorded sacks, with one day each member on the line recording a sack. It is going to be out strength on this team.

The linebackers have also practiced well. It looks like the starters may end up being a rotation of Mccarthy, Spence and Sharpton, although we hear Ramon Buchanan has been practicing extremely well and we expect him to supplant Sharpton for the starting rotation.

Amongst the DBs, Brandon Harris has been practicing very strong and should be our top CB going into the season. Freshman Brandon McGee has also had a few INTS and will definitely contribute this season.

Coming sometime in the next 2-3 days we'll discuss the special teams in depth, as well as providing daily practice updates (or to the best of our ability based on information available).

As always, thanks for reading and Go Canes! We'll be picking up our pace here as kickoff is 23 days away and hope to have a few events planned for our upcoming home tailgates. Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Practice starts Saturday...are we back on the map?

With the anticipation of the start of practice, many Canes fans are anxious to see what the team is bringing to the table this year. Although I don't expect that we will see anything flashy for this Saturday's open practice (open only to season ticket holder's), we are looking forward to seeing new and fresh faces. As excited as the fans are to go out there and watch, I don't think anyone is more excited and ready to be out there than those players are. All reports indicate that they are more ready than ever to go out and show the college football world that Miami is back on the map!

Even though the Cane Nation has fallen on some hard times recently, we will stick together no matter what anyone on the outside says or predicts. Expectations are always high for us because we are and always will be THE U! Cane Nation will live on and The University of Miami will rise again!

Life just isn't the same without college football and college football is nothing without Miami!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Stephen Morris commits! Do we have a transfer?

Excuse us for the delay on this information. Recently the Canes received what is said to be their only QB commit this year. QB Stephen Morris out of Pace High School down in Miami pulled the trigger and committed. Morris is rated the #27 dual threat QB in the country but I think that will change as his season is set to start soon. He is a 3 star right now. Look for the 6'3 190lbs QB to earn his 4th star soon.

Darrell Givens, a one top highly recruited Miami prospect is now looking for a school again. In reality he is not considered a tansfer but if sure feels like. Givens a 4 star DB prospect was committed to Ohio State before switching his committment to Penn State. But that never happened either. Givens was denied acceptance into the school. Penn State asked Givens to go the JUCO route and to reapply and come back next year. He has decided that is not what he wants to do. He wants to play right away somewhere and apparently Miami is his top choice. After having us in his top 3 last year, Miami is now what seems to be his top choice along with UF as a close second. He has submitted his application to both schools and is awaiting a decision from the schools to see where he will mostly likely end up. Question I have is will Coach Shannon accept him in? Well with the shortage of quality CB's I think its a no brainer, who knows. We'll keep you posted on what happens with this one.


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