Saturday, August 29, 2009

Prince Kent Update

Rumors are current prep school commite Prince Kent is no longer being recruited by Miami. After his national exposure (and burn) as CB, on national TV in January, it's not a shock, despite the fact that he was set to be a safety. More news as we get it.

Thanks for reading and Go Canes!


  1. Are of of you miami wannabe football gurus as dumb as you sound? No wonder it is taking miami so long to climb out of the ACC cellar! We go out and sign this kid, which was considered a major coup considering he had the pickings of any major program in the SEC and ACC. THen, after giving up two touchdowns in a meaningless all star game, all of the sudden he is no longer good enough for the "U"? So, two plays erases all the fantastic highlight footage that had so many slobbering at the mouth for this kid? That's rediculous! Name me one cornerback on any level that hasn't given up one, two or even three touchdown is a game befor. (don't waste your brain cells, there are none! Especially not currently on miami's roster. I watch all the games. These guys are rediculous!) Is Prince Kent raw? Absolutely. From what I have read he had only played three years of any kind of football, which makes his ascension to a four star all American even more impressive. Now, I understand he is at Hargrave Military and has everybody raving about him. has him listed the #11 overall player and the top db in prep school after three weeks! How stupid are we going to look if a kid we had signed on the dotted line, becomes the stud we thought he was when we signed him, but ends up at a rival schoooffered him immediately. Maybe Butch Davis knows something all of you miami gurus don't. I guarantee you, in a couple of years we are l. I read North Carolina was licking their chops when they found out miami was no longer interested, and going to look back and see, like IDIOTS, we let this one get away.

  2. Seems like only time will tell then. The kid's play in HS wasn't all that impressive to me, but I'm sure you know best.

    There's a reason we backed off, and it's a lot more than just 2 or 3 touchdowns in a HS All Star game. We never said he was a bad CB. We never even said he was a bad player. You are jumping the gun and making an assumption that we said so or implied as much.

    You should curb your anger and hate, and take off whatever skewed colored glasses you have on for a simple reporting of facts. Not an opinion. We said he's no longer being recruited and it's not a shock, especially after his performance.

    He was originally slated to be an Early Entree. He never did, and it was a lot more than just his grades or him being homesick. It as a combination of several factors.

    Please, in the future, don't lash out so venimously for a simple reporting of facts. If you would like to voice your opinion and outrage, direct it to those responsible for his recruiting.

    P.S. I suggest you don't follow Rivals, Scout, or ESPN so closely. If you did then that means right now you are calling Arthur Brown a bust, are you not? We, on the other hand, understand some players need time to grow and learn their positions, coverages, assignments, and little intracies about the game.

    Thanks for your time.