Thursday, August 6, 2009

Practice starts Saturday...are we back on the map?

With the anticipation of the start of practice, many Canes fans are anxious to see what the team is bringing to the table this year. Although I don't expect that we will see anything flashy for this Saturday's open practice (open only to season ticket holder's), we are looking forward to seeing new and fresh faces. As excited as the fans are to go out there and watch, I don't think anyone is more excited and ready to be out there than those players are. All reports indicate that they are more ready than ever to go out and show the college football world that Miami is back on the map!

Even though the Cane Nation has fallen on some hard times recently, we will stick together no matter what anyone on the outside says or predicts. Expectations are always high for us because we are and always will be THE U! Cane Nation will live on and The University of Miami will rise again!

Life just isn't the same without college football and college football is nothing without Miami!


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