Friday, August 14, 2009

First Week of Practice, Lots of News

Hello to all, sorry for our absence but we had some medical issues come up and keep us from being able to post blog entries, but we have read a lot about practice.

First part of bussines is the Tight end. About 6 months ago we were worried that we didn't have enough depth. Right now, those fears seem to be placated, at least a bit.
Jimmy Graham has scored multiple touchdowns, made impressive catches, and is learning the playbook day by day. We think that if we keep his workload limited he could aptly spell Epps and provide more consistency than Gordon.

The QBs spot seems fine, with Harris, Cook and Smith rounding out the top 3 and Highsmith bringing in some extra depth and athleticism. Far cry from Kirby and Kyle, huh?

RBs have played very well. Both Lamar Miller and Mike James have impressed and broken free for long runs, especially Miller. Veterans on the team are impressed with just how fast he is and his vision.

The WRs are rotating and we are able to give some of our top targets a day off. Tommy Streeter has impressed, with several touchdown catches.Kendall Thompkins is also impressing (he's our sleeper to make a BIG impact this year) along with the other usual suspects i.e. Byrd, Johnson, Benjamin and Collier.

The offensive line is solidified and Brandon Washington seems to the #1 backup off of the bench. Also expect Harland Gunn to get some minutes of PT.

Defensively, the line has been stout this year. Everyone along the line has recorded sacks, with one day each member on the line recording a sack. It is going to be out strength on this team.

The linebackers have also practiced well. It looks like the starters may end up being a rotation of Mccarthy, Spence and Sharpton, although we hear Ramon Buchanan has been practicing extremely well and we expect him to supplant Sharpton for the starting rotation.

Amongst the DBs, Brandon Harris has been practicing very strong and should be our top CB going into the season. Freshman Brandon McGee has also had a few INTS and will definitely contribute this season.

Coming sometime in the next 2-3 days we'll discuss the special teams in depth, as well as providing daily practice updates (or to the best of our ability based on information available).

As always, thanks for reading and Go Canes! We'll be picking up our pace here as kickoff is 23 days away and hope to have a few events planned for our upcoming home tailgates. Have a great weekend everyone.

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