Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just A Reminder and A Bit of News

We have 3 Canes playing tomorrow. Edge, Antrel Rolle, and Calais Campbell. Best of luck to our three Canes tomorrow, may they all make us proud.

Also, rumor is we are going hard after St. Thomas Aquinas. Nothing firm yet, just rumors, but thought we'd pass this along to everyone as a final bit of information before signing day. As you all know, St. Thomas was stacked his year and have plenty of players on the team that many, many colleges want.

Go Canes!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Spring Game Information

It's going to be March 28th. Not sure on the location or time yet, but what we hear it's probably Lockhart and the time might be early in the morning. Luckily for all of you, we'll be up bright and early (ok, we're lying, we'll just still be up fro partying the night before since we can't sleep before any UM football events) and have an event running before and after the game. Hope to give you some blogsworthy info tommorrow, but if not you'll still have an analysis we are compiling right now of Whipple.

Also, Andre Debose will not be visiting this week. He has one official visit left and the rumors are saying that his father is a FSU fan so he's using his last official visit on FSU.

Have a great weekend, thanks for reading and Go Canes!

Recruits Visiting This Weekend 1/30

We have a big, final weekend of recruiting going on. Unfortunately Greg Reid won't be visiting, but he says the Canes are still high on his list. Will he commit to us over Bama and FSU? Doubtful, but we have a shot at landing him. He really likes UM's coaches, especially McGriff, as he feels McGriff sticks out over other coaches. We offered for him to visit after NSD but he wants to make his choice already and be done with the process since it has been a bit crazy for him. Here's the list of recruits for this weekend:

Sheldon Richardson - TE/DT: Between Miami or Mizzou

Peter White - OG: Between Miami, Tenn, or Maryland

Lamar Miller - Rb: Committed to Miami and will sign. rand for over 1700 yards and 18 TDs for Killian.

Jamal Reid - WR/CB: Miami commitment, cousins with Greg Reid.

Ray Ray Armstrong - S/TE/LB/DE: Miami commitment.

Dyron Dye - DE: Same as Ray Ray

Quinton Washington - OG: Miami,Clem,SC,and Tenn.

Terrell Mitchell - TE: Miami, Clem, UK, and WV.

Luther Robinson - DT: Miami

Andrew Tiller - OT: Miami, Rutgers, Syracuse.

Go Canes!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More On Marcus Hall

We are busy working on a blog entry for later today, but just thought we'd share this information with you.

According to Marcus, after Tressel's visit on Tuesday he announced that he'll make his decision on Monday. No press conference, no parade, he'll just contact the coach and let him know, and I assume about an hour later or so it would hit the rest of the media outlets. We'll let you know the second his decision goes public.

Thanks for reading, and Go Canes!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Defensive Coord. News and Schedule For NSD

First thing's first. The DC. We don't have a list of many names, and the ones we do have right now are pure speculation. Randy has done a good job of keeping everything under wraps, just look at the fact that Epps was injured over a month ago and we just found out days ago. The only thing that we do know and we have heard from every inside source is that the people Randy has on his list are all "home-run hires". Moreso than his Offensive Coordinator hire. As we mentioned back on the 20th (in the comment section) Tubberville and Johnson are helping him on this.

As for our next week, we are going to be swarmed. Beginning the next 24 hours we will have a breakdown of our new OC, done in 3 installments. Also, tomorrow we will give you a list and a breakdown of the players that are visiting this weekend. There are a lot of rumors flying around again, so we are waiting on posting the list until tomorrow.

Next week, things should really get crazy considering the end of the recruiting year is on the horizon. We will try to update you all day on Wed. with our signees via our blackberrys at the several signing day parties we are attending, but we aren't 100% sure yet we have that capablity on the new blog. We assure you though, we will exhaust every option to try to do this for you. We'll be up at 8 a.m. next Wed. in order to bring you all the latest signees and we will do it on a blog by blog basis, if not, we'll do it as comments added onto an original blog.

Thanks for reading our blog and as always, Go Canes!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Follow Up On Bunche, News on Marcus Hall and Whipple Also

First, for the sake of continuity, let's discuss Malcolm Bunche and his commit this week. We have given you a ton of info. concerning when and how he was going to commit, but even that was rendered useless since he apparently couldn't wait to commit. Before I get into discussing his measurables, can we all agree that Randy and the staff he has put together can recruit with the best of them, if not better?

Moving on, let's nitpick Bunche. He's a 3 star prospect that was committed to Rutgers for a long time, but let me tell you this kid will def. outplay his ranking. His entire family is athletic, beginning with his father who played defensive end for the Eagles in the 70s to his mother. According to the Herald, he's 320 lbs with just 16% body fat. That translates phenomenally to the next level. Even while we watched his video on rivals we were impressed with several things.

First, he uses hands extremely well, but what strikes me most is the exceptionally smart method in which he uses them. He has good technique, it does need some work, but what kids' doesn't at that stage.

Secondly, was his aggressiveness. Consistently on film he wouldn't just block and then stand around waiting for the guy to charge him.... he would go down field and initiate blocks. Even when his man would back off and drop back into coverage, against what was that man's diagram on the defensive call, he would peel off and destroy another dlineman.

If he doesn't get immediate playing time, I see him coming in right away as a redshirt freshman and playing a significant amount of snaps, especially when we overload the line. We'll try to get you some public film on him the second we can locate it.

Onto Marcus Hall.... guess who his best friend on the trip was? That's right, Malcolm Bunche. They even talked about rooming together. That all bodes well for us Canes. The problem lies in the fact that this kid has always been considered an Ohio State lock from an Ohio State pipeline.

But the plot thickens with him. Some feel discouraged due to the fact that his mother didn't make the trip with him down to Miami, but she didn't make his other trips either. Two people with solid inside information expect him to sign with us, but again I approach that with some trepidation just because it's so hard to get these kids away from home when they have the chance to play near home.

But again, the plot thickens. His high school teammate, Edwards, who is trying to get him to visit UT with him says "“A lot of people think that (Marcus will sign with OSU) but I think Marcus is going to shock a lot of people”. We can only hope so, here's the link to his film again, notice how he never disengages from his blocks:

Finally, Whipple. It became official today. I don't want to oversaturate the blog today with too much info as to how intricate his offense is, what his tendencies are, or lack thereof, etc. But I will link you up to a full video of the championship game that he headcoached in during his tenure at Umass and the video of the press conference:

***Breaking News*** We just found out that our starting tight end Dedrick Epps had surgery for a torn ACL that he hurt in December and will miss spring practice. He should be ready for the start of the season. We'll give you more information the second we get it.

Monday, January 26, 2009

So much for waiting...Canes land a huge commit!!!

So much for him waiting. Like two seconds ago I told you that Malcolm Bunche was going "General Hospital" on us. Well, I guess he did, but not how we expected. Bunche was supposed to announce his decision NSD Feb. 4th and was not going to tell anyone his decision until that day. So he committed today!!! I tell you, these kids. Bunche basically said that when he got back home there really wasn't anything to think about. He enjoyed his visit so much, he said he might as well make it official and commit. His relationship with Coach Stoutland also was a huge factor in his decision. So I guess Coach Shannon wasn't the only one that made a good impression on Bunche. Stoutland happened to have a good relationship with Bunche's coach Butch Simpson because he recruited former Newark player and Cane, Orien Harris. Coaches explained to Bunche that he would play right tackle at Miami. Bunche seems to be really excited about coming in and playing. This is another step in the right direction in solidifying Bryce Brown's status. Let's keep it comin'. Who's next? C'mon Marcus, don't be shy!


My class sucks!!! But Miami's doesn't look like it will...

I'm so tired today. Just thought I'd share that with you. This past weekend was a bit exhausting for me, but it looks like some people really enjoyed it. Especially our visitors, starting with Marcus Hall. So much that he has now named Miami as his leader for his services next year. Hall said Miami made it very hard for him not to commit on the spot. Hall feels that the offensive line depth chart favors him more at Miami than at Ohio State (his other top school, blah). But he will wait till after he receives his last two in-home visits from Coach Jim Tressel first, then Coach Shannon. That can't hurt us. Hall rated his visit down here on a scale from 1 to 10, a 10. His mother is a big supporter of whatever he decides to do, she just wants him to be happy and not blame anyone else for a decision he has made.

Hall hit it off with fellow recruits Malcolm Bunche and current Cane commit A.J. Highsmith. Bunche added some "drama" to his recruiting process. He said he enjoyed all his visits and that he would have his decision the made before signing day, but will not make his decision known until February 4th.Bunche is considering Miami, Rutgers and Maryland. Bunche has said his favorite part of the trip was how he immediately got along and had a blast with previously mentioned recruits Marcus Hall and A.J. Highsmith. Another person he hit it off with was Coach Shannon. He considers Coach Shannon a very smart individual and also said he would be a big part in his decision come signing day. We have another thing working in our favor with Bunche. His 24 year old sister, Cetera lives in Miami and noticed how much love he received and how well he got along with everyone that was down here on their visits, including the current commits. She can definitely see him down here soon.

So I'm bored as hell here in class writing this up. Wow! I can't stand lectures, but I digress. Anyways, we will bring you more news on other recruits who visited, plus new commit Shayon Green who we were able to reel in.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whipp it Good!!!

Its becoming more and more apparent that we will be announcing Mark Whipple as our new Offensive Coordinator. Whipple is expected to be announced as early as Monday afternoon. As of now, Whipple is having final meetings with Randy Shannon, Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt and possibly President Donna Shalala on Monday. If he does accept the position, there is a good possibility that the hiring process will be expedited and the University of Miami could be holding a press conference as early as Monday afternoon. I would believe Whipple welcomes the return back to the college ranks, where he won a D-1AA National Championship with UMASS. He has been a candidate for head coaching positions in the past for other colleges. His most recent work has been quarterbacks coach and mentor to Ben Roethlisberger with the Steelers and just last year as an assistant head coach with the Philadelphia Eagles.

More news on new commit Shayon Green and rumors about other visitors who came away very happy with their visits and possibly are silent commits as we speak...coming soon


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Weekend Update

We are going to use this blog entry to address one specific issue that has plagued us for about 5-6 years... the O-line.

Of this weekend's visitors, there are 3 we are really trying to pull in. Marcus Hall, Malcolm Bunche, and Pete White.

Marcus Hall - 4 star: An offensive tackle out of Cleveland, Ohio. It's down to us and Ohio State. He would be a solid bookend and a possible 3 year starter. He has all the intangibles to make it to the next level. He would be a very tough pull out of Ohio, but let's hope that 70 degree weather and vibrant Miami lifestyle will lure him here. He has solid footwork and at 6'5, 290 lbs he has the chance to put on more weight and really dominate opposing players. Keep your fingers crossed. Here's his film:

Malcolm Bunche - 3 star: Offensive guard that is currently committed to Rutgers but he has been publicly wavering on his commitment for the past 2-3 months. At 6'6, 315 lbs he has all the size you can want for a guard and can dominate players on the next level very soon, but we see him as redshirting his first year and learning more techniques and how to use his body better during his redshirt freshman year. I think he signs with Miami next month.

Pete White - 4 star: 6'5, 340 lbs: He's out of Washington D.C. We don't have too much info on him, but we do know he's visiting Miami the weekend before National Signing Day. He does play too upright and needs work on his technique, but he has the potential to be one of the best ever to come through Greentree. Right now he can overpower opposing players because of his tremendous size, but he needs to work on his conditioning and his technique. At best, I see Miami having a 30-40% shot of landing him since his parents have a lot of questions regarding the school and the surrounding area. But good news on that, his parents are coming down to Miami and hopefully the coaches can quell and concerns regarding safety.

Update on Bryce Brown. As of yesterday he said he is still committed and coming directly from his mouth, he said that he wants to see what schools the lineman sign and that he wants them to know that it impacts his decision. We aren't worried about him at all.... he has been all Cane and has been recruiting for us the past year. As long as Whipple signs with us on Monday, we should be good to go.

Again, thanks for contributing to our blog, have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Good News!!! Sheldon is coming to town...

Good News!!! 5 star DT-TE Sheldon Richardson is down here this weekend on an official visit, thanks to the hard work put in by Coach Hurtt. After he received his visit from Coach Hurtt, he decided to come down and take a trip down to Coral Gables. Props to Coach Hurtt for getting him down here. And yes, this is a serious visit guys. Richardson did grow up a huge Miami fan and is looking forward to his visit down here. Richardson also mentioned that if we hired an OC that ran the spread offense, that he was not interested and would remove us from consideration. I believe that Miami is recruiting him as a TE and that is one of the main reasons he is interested. At 6'4, 292lbs., he is definitely not your average looking TE, but he does have the speed and quickness of one. This would be a huge steal and great get if Miami were able to sway him and have him decommit from Mizzou. He has been committed to Missouri since the summer. Hope we blow him away this weekend. Another note, I believe he is coming down with his father. It has been said that when he travels with his parents he means business. All we can do is wait and see.

P.S. Remember, Warren Sapp came into the program as a tight end. Just something to keep in mind.

Another kid who is in town is 6'3, 220lbs LB/RB Sam Barrington out of Jacksonville (FL) Terry Parker. Barrington had 109 tackles, 3 sacks and 1 int. this year. He also rushed for about 1,200 yards and 17 td's. Miami is though, recruiting him as a LB. Barrington is a kid with great makeup. Big, strong, fast. He can definitely play multiple positions. With a little more weight on that frame, he could be one scary-looking kid. Hopefully he could be that scary-looking and scary-good on the field. I'm really liking this kid. Barrington has visited USF and Illinois already. After this weekend down here, he has an in-home visit with Illinois head coach Ron Zook.. If he really enjoys his trip, I really like our chances with him.

I know we totally forgot to let you guys in on the Jacory Harris press conference. We apologize for that. He basically was discussing the Marve transferring situation, OC hiring and a couple other things. He did mention he tweaked his throwing shoulder in the second half of the Emerald Bowl, but has fully recovered and feels great. He stated he was a bit surprised that he did leave, but that he was a great quarterback and he wished him the best of luck. He explained that it will not be a big deal learning a new playbook with the new OC hire and that he believes it will be a smooth transition. He also mentioned the thought of transferring never crossed his mind, but it was not easy. This kid is a real leader and I look forward to great things from him this year. Nothing seems to really faze him. He also discussed the issue regarding his weight, which obviously has a direct correlation to his health and ability to take hits. During the bowl game he was weighing 176 and he's put on another 10 pounds. He has said that by late August he would like to be up another 5-10 pounds and finish his career around 215. It's encouraging and shows two things:

1.) He's hit the weight room hard in the last month.

2.) Coach Swasey's program does work for those who put work into it.

Back to recruiting news. Others coming on an official visit our Miami commits Jared Wheeler, Cory White, A.J. Highsmith and Kayvon Webster. Other un-committed players are Malcolm Bunche, Marcus Hall, Shayon Green (Verbal to Purdue), Greg King. In my next installment, which I will have up by tomorrow afternoon or in the evening, I will discuss the remaining un-committed players. I will also give you guys a tidbit on news regarding recruits who are visiting next weekend and Greg Reid, his cousin and current Miami commit Jamal Reid, who has according to numerous sources opted to reschedule his visit to Miami for next weekend so that he can bring down his cousin Greg with him. Greg Reid is definitely a kid we will keep our eyes on. Stay Tuned...


Rumors Swirling Like A....

Well, for lack of a better word... hurricane.

Sorry for our temporary disappearance the past few days, we've been trying to figure out just what rumors hold water and which ones don't.

First, the OC:

We've heard plenty of rumors the past week or so, from Chuck Long to Ron Prince and so forth. Right now it is believed that not only is the OC hired, but that the players and recruits know who he is. This should be huge in helping us re-strengthen Bryce Brown's commitment as long as it isn't Ron Prince. The word around town is Bryce isn't too fond of Ron Prince as an OC.

The rumor that seems to hold most water and has been confirmed by several sources is that it looks as if the offensive coordinator is in fact Mark Whipple. He has an impressive resume. He won a national title in Division 1-AA ball with UMASS, mentored Big Ben during his first two years with the Steelers and then joined the Eagles for the last few years. IF the rumors are true, this is a GREAT hire by UM. This shows that despite Randy making rookie mistakes as a head coach, he has fixed his errors by hiring Bill Young and a proven NFL X and O's guy. Here is the Bio on Whipple.

Now to the DC. This is the reason Randy was on the west coast. He was talking to Sarkasian about Ken Norton as D.C. I find this a bit hard to believe since he has no proven track record as a DC, but he is a monster recruiter and would vastly improve our recruiting on the west coast. It's something to keep an eye on.

Next blog will be about our recruits visiting. This should be up within the next 24 hours with updates on who is here. Normally, they stay in a hotel in the grove so if you see any UM players with other big boys around them, give them a friendly shout out. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Recruiting Breakdown #5...

In our final installment of current commits we have four kids who could come in and make some noise right off the bat...enjoy!!!

Jared Wheeler- 3 star Offensive Line, Plantation (FL) American Heritage. 6'5, 310lbs. Our most recent addition to the family. Wheeler just announced his decision on January 10th, on the air over on 790 the ticket. He had several offers from very good schools, but in the end it came down to two. Sitting in the studio he had 2 helmets in front of him, Vanderbilt and Miami. Wheeler wants to study engineering and that was a big deciding factor in who he would choose. We all know in the end he chose Miami. Wheeler initially hit it off with Coach Jeff Stoutland and continued to solidify that bond with him throughout his recruitment campaign. From the looks of it that was also a deciding factor in his decision. Wheeler has what a lot of top notch D1 coaches look for, long arms and good feet. He does have experience playing all three positions on the line, but expects to get the opportunity to compete at the tackle position. He is also very open to playing guard and center. In my opinion, Wheeler has a shot at coming in here and competing for some playing time at any one of the three positions. Look for him to push the guys in front of him hard. If he can do that and make the guys in front of him better, he could possibly be redshirted as well. Committed to Miami. Offers: Tennessee, Vandy, Auburn, Boston College, Florida.

Kayvon Webster- 3 star Safety, Opa Locka (FL) Monsignor Pace. 5'11, 181 lbs. 4.4 secs in the forty. There has been speculation that Webster has been waivering on his committment. USF and Alabama are making a push for him and giving Miami a run for their money. He is still listed as a solid verbal, so we will keep you updated on this story. Webster is listed as a safety, but should start off as a corner, considering our depth or lack there of at that position. He could be competing for a spot as a nickel or dime. In time I do think that he will make the move back to safety and produce at that position (like Prince Kent, he does struggle a bit with getting his hips around.). Committed to Miami. Offers: Ole Miss, South Carolina, USF, Syracuse, Tennessee, Vandy, Auburn, Florida.

Olivier Vernon-4 star Defensive End, Miami (FL) American. 6'3 239lbs. In a previous installment we discussed Vernon's solidified committment to Miami. With his great combination of size and speed, he could be a force to be reckoned with right away. What makes Vernon stand out along with his size and speed, is his first step off the ball from the end. He was only able to play about 3 quarters this year, as he was hampered by a severe ankle sprain that kept him out the whole year. He did have 14 sacks to go along with over 50 tackles his junior season. Vernon is an early entry and did begin school yesterday. With the added time he gets to spend with the training staff and our strength and conditioning program, he has a good chance of coming in and making an impact as a true freshman. Without a doubt it will be tough to get in the rotation with the young talented ends we have now. He will have to prove himself to the staff that he is up to the challenge. Could be that speed rusher we need on the outside. Committed to Miami. Offers: Alabama, FSU, N.C. State, Florida, USF, South Carolina, West Virginia, Illinois.

Luther Robinson- 4 star Defensive Tackle, Fort Pierce (FL) Westwood. 6'3, 280lbs. Another commit who seems to be getting a whole lot of attention from other schools and might be getting caught up in it. Alot of specualtion is being made that schools like Florida and USF are showing him a lot of love. Just a few days ago he returned from a visit to Florida and stated that he "really enjoyed" his visit. With his final visit being here on Jan. 30th, there is a good possibility we can get a reassurement of his committment before NSD. Robinson is a strong kid who can make his presence known in the middle. With the competition looking to be intense at the DT spot this yr, Robinson will have to really stand out and make some plays in order to crack the depth chart. We'll see who performs well in the spring and who leaves a whole open for someone like Robinson to come in and grab a spot. Committed to Miami. Offers: Florida, FSU, Purdue, UCF.

In our next installment, information on the Jacory presser and more. To all the Canes fans, I know you guys have friends out there that are fans of Miami football or college football in general. get them to come out and support the blog and be a part of some exciting stuff we will be bringing to the table. Have them suscribe. In the near future we will be doing some upgrades to our editorials. Thank you.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy Day, How About Some More News?

Well, here it is. The chances of the Miami-FSU game being moved to Labor Day has become quite strong. Not necessarily new to all of us, but the chances of this happening are stronger.

There are several reasons for this. First, it is because UM-FSU are consistently some of the highest rated games ever. Secondly, and this is only speculative, it would be due to the Oklahoma game. In the contract between OU and Miami, there is a clause that requires the game to be played on grass. As many of you know, the Marlins are still in the stadium for a few more years, so we are hoping to have the game moved back to late October so that it falls after the end of the baseball season (and I hate to say this, but hopefully the Marlins don't make the playoffs and make this easier). Right now the game is scheduled for September 12, 2009.

We are going back on the wire to see what other information we can find.

It is Official

Bill Young has decided to head to his alma matter and become the defensive coordinator at Oklahoma State. We'll have a list of defensive coordinator candidates coming up within the next few days.

Recruiting Breakdown #4

Jermaine Johnson - 4 star OT. 6'6, 309 lbs. Originally out of St. Thomas Aquinas who committed to Auburn, he was forced to attend prep school. He is believed to be one of the five exemptions that Randy Shannon can use in his contract to allow South Florida kids to meet only the NCAA admission requirements and not the higher admissions of UM. He is obviously a big guy, but he's still very raw. He only started playing football towards the end of his tenure at highschool, as he was a basketball player to begin with. It's almost positive that, barring injuries to the line, he redshirts. He has a lot of potential and is a project, but if he does reach his potential look for him to be in the lineup as a redshirt sophomore in 2011.

Dyron Dye - 4 star. 6-4, 215 lbs Defensive End. Again, we hate comparing recruits to previous players, but here it is appropriate. Think of Adewale Ojomo. Comparable in frame, except an inch taller. I see him having to redshirt to put on another 20 pounds or so in order to gain the proper weight and muscle to contribute consistently, but I wouldn't be shocked if he did get a shot at playing early. He was the less regarded of the 3 Seminole trio, but he is every bit just as important to us. A redshirt will do him good considering we have young underclassmen who stepped up and performed well this year. Add in the possibility of Moncur coming back and he can us that year to learn, grow, and prepare for our 2010 seasons.

Mike James - 4 star RB. 5'11, 211 lbs. Out of Davenport, Fl, he provides UM with a runningback that can run in between the tackles. We all thought that Baby J would be that guy, but he has been plagued by injuries since his freshman year. Mike could actually play a lot here, and he was dead set on it. He was supposed to be a candidate for early enrollment, but unfortunately he has hit a small snag. He has been accepted by UM admissions, but the NCAA clearinghouse is holding him up. This is a common issue, especially with early enrollment. Classes did start today at UM, so he would have to clear the red tape relatively soon. Don't be surprised to see him used similar to the way we used our runningbacks a decade ago, especially with the imminent implementation of a pro set offense. Mike James, Lamar Miller, and Bryce Brown could all be used similar to the way we used Najeh Davenport, James Jackson, and Clinton Portis. He can even be used in the FB role like Najeh was 10 years ago.

Brandon Washington - 4 star OG. 6'5, 330 lbs. Out of Miami Northwestern last year, he finally gets to rejoin his highschool chumps from last year after having to attend prep school. He is already in class as we speak and if he can hold up during the conditioning and get his technique down A.S.A.P., we can see him contributing sometime on the line, although a redshirt is still possible. He does need to drop some weight and improve his feet in passblocking, but as a run blocker he has the potential to be very good. A redshirt would do him some good, but if push comes to shove I see him getting some playing time towards the end of the season.

Tomorrow we will have a breakdown of the remaining UM recruits, follow by yet another blog entry concerning Jacory's press conference. No need to worry, the presser is just so he is available to the media, so don't expect any surprises.

Also, later this week we will have a blog entry discussing the recruits who are set to visit this weekend as well as those we are still targeting, and hopefully and update on the OC search/hire.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Recruiting Breakdown #3, Rueben Randle, and OC search.

One thing we forgot to mention was that all DB recruits get a shot at corner, then get moved to safety if they don't have the necessary skill set to make it. Of the necessary skill sets of speed, quickness, smarts, hips, and quick feet, hips is one of the most important.

Jamal Reid: 4 star athlete. One word. Wow. What position does he play? Better to ask what position he doesn't play. Wr/Db/Kr, kid literally does it all. He is slated to come in as a DB, but I see him having just as good a shot as succeeding there as he does at WR. He reminds me a lot of former Ohio State WR/DB Chris Gamble. He can play multiple positions and I see him contributing a lot on special teams his first year. He has very good hips, plays with a lot of speed and has very shifty moves in the open field.

Brandon McGee: 4 star athlete. Out of Lauderhill, Florida, he's 5'11 186 lbs. He played primarily QB in highschool, but can play just about any skill position. He's slated to be a cornerback with the Canes. And good news on him, he's cleared by both the NCAA clearinghouse and UM admissions. He'll be able to come in right away and go through all 5 phases of strength and conditioning coach Swasey's program and hopefully build up enough muscle mass and padding to last the entire season like Sean Spence and Marcus Forston did this year, allowing him to contribute frequently and productively this upcoming year. He has quick hips and feet and after evaluating his film we see him contributing on special teams as a return specialist and quite possibly on the nickle or dime corner spot. This helps add to the much needed depth we need after the Larry Coker project. These highlights are from his sophomore year.

Bryce Brown: 5 star athlete. Here we save the best for last, both literally and figuratively. Bryce has hit the #1 player ranking on and the #2 ranking on His recruitment has been unique and full of twists and turns. Almost soap opera-ish, and hopefully the outcome is just as predictable as a soap opera and signs with us. He has a unique blend of speed and power. He was widely regarded as the best player at the Army-All American Highschool game. Literally, the only thing that can be nitpicked about his game is that he tends to carry the ball recklessly sometimes in the open field. A minor concern that will be corrected the second he steps foot on campus, wherever that may be. When you think of him, think of him in the same mold of Reggie Bush, but with more power.

Now we turn a bit more to his commitment status. He actually committed to Miami before his brother, and current sophomore linebacker Arthur Brown, committed. He said he fasted on the decision and prayed intensely. But as the season started, and I'm sure as whatever confidence he had in Nix began to fade, his commitment was becoming softer than Brett Favre around vicodin. As early as November he was saying things that indicated that Oregon was his favorite, but he still said he was committed to Miami. He even came down to watch fellow UM committed runningback Lamar Miller, discussing how they were going to bring Miami back and what the future holds. Even as recently as the Army All American game a little over 2 weeks ago he was recruiting for Miami. But things have hit the head since then. He has said Oregon leads, but that he still remains committed. Conflicting information, no? He and his mentor, Brian Butler, have opened up their own website that charges $10 a month to keep you abreast with his information and the latest info has said that he wont sign with anyone on NSD, but will prolong the decision. This is shades of Terrell Pryor last year with Ohio State. Here's to hoping he sticks, but a lot of it will hinge on the offensive coordinator.

Now that we have brought up the offensive coordinator, we do know one thing: No one has been hired yet, but the target is to have a hiring done by the end of the week. The obvious reason is to give our new OC a chance to recruit and allow the current and future (if any) commits to familiarize themselves with him. Randy was rumored to be at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama where he was expected to start rapping up his hiring, but at 8:30 p.m. last night he was in Jacksonville, Fl recruiting Sam Barrington, a linebacker recruit who is down to us and Illinois (we'll have more on him during our next installment). He is then scheduled to be at Lamar Miller's house today, and then we assume he'd be heading to Mobile, at least. We'll have a breakdown of the candidates and issues surrounding that within the next 24 hours.

Onto the final chapter in this breakdown, Rueben Randle. 5 star athlete. He played QB this year for his highschool team, but this kid is clearly one of the best WR to come out of highschool the past 3-4 years. To put it on a comparative basis for everyone here, if you look at Julio Jones for Alabama and A.J. Green for Georgia, he is, at the very worst, just as good as they were coming out of highshcool.

Unfortunately it's bad news with Randle though, he's not coming to Miami. He had two coaches visit him last week, and this week none other than the CEO, Randy, went to his house. According to his brother, who is a rabid Cane fan, he has posted on several forums that due to some of the information they received Rueben will not be coming, not even at least visiting Miami. To put you at ease though the information that they allegedly received was not related to the OC search.

*** Breaking News ***

It's been reported by several sites that Oklahoma State is coming after Bill Young, our DC. This would complicate things and since Ok. State is backed by a rich oil baron, the pay offered right now is rumored to be 700k. Young has not accepted the job yet, but I'm sure we have to up his pay to help keep him here.

Recruiting Breakdown 2

Here is breakdown of three more future Hurricanes...

A.J. Highsmith- 3 star Athlete from Fort Bend Hightower(TX), 6'0. 190lbs. Son of UM great Alonzo Highsmith. A.J. played QB in high school, but is rated as an athlete on Rivals, due to the fact that many consider him a defensive back at the next level. Highsmith has been outspoken about playing QB and competing at that position. I do believe he will get the chance to compete, but will eventually be moved over to cornerback/safety. My personal take on the matter is; let the kid compete, you never know what could come out of it. He was successful as a QB in a very good division of football in the state of Texas. I think an advantage he has on his side as well is that he played in a pro-style offense in high school. If Coach Shannon does hire an OC with pro-style offensive experience, that could work in his favor, as he is familiar with that type of offense. Either way I do feel that in the end he will be a great addition to this program, whether it be at DB or QB. Committed to Miami. Offers: Boston College. Had interest from Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and TCU.

Prince Kent- 3 star Athlete from Norcross(GA), 6'3, 195lbs, 4.4secs forty. Kent is rated as an athlete but we all know he will be a defensive back at Miami. At the UA game he did play corner, but i believe he will play safety here at Miami. With his speed and size 6'3, he does have the makings of a big imposing safety. He does have some difficulty switching directions and rotating his hips. He also has to work on his quickness(not to be confused with speed) and footwork. Kent was a 4 star, but because of his poor performance at the UA game(playing CB) he has slipped down to a 3 star. Nothing to worry about in my opinion. There is a lot of upside for Kent. I am looking for him to work hard on the little things and possibly get in on a few snaps this yr. Kent was an early enrollment recruit, but has decided not to enroll early due to his mother not being ready for him to leave. Committed to Miami. Offers: Mississippi State, UNC, N.C. State, South Carolina, Alabama, Vandy, Boston College, Clemson, Georgia, Georgia Tech.

Curtis Porter- 3 star Defensive Tackle out of Charlotte Victory Christian(NC). 6'2, 334lbs. Porter is an early entry, starting class on Tuesday, January 20th. Porter could be one of those guys that comes in early, learns the playbook and gets some significant playing time clogging up the middle. Could be that run stuffer we are lacking. With Antonio Dixon and Dwayne Hendricks, two key contributors in the middle graduating, it opens up a hole for someone to step up and solidify that spot. Also looks very solid on the offensive line. Could be a great fit there as well. Coming in early could definitely make a difference for a player like Porter. Committed to Miami. Offers: Clemson, Rutgers, FSU, East Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Michigan, Colorado.

Hope you enjoy. Once again feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Another recruiting breakdown should be up by tonight including, Jamal Reid, Brandon McGee, Bryce Brown and more...


Saturday, January 17, 2009

1st Recruiting Breakdown

This is just the beginning. I will be bringing you my outlook on 3 or 4 commits everyday, starting today. Two of the three guys I believe will possibly have an immediate impact on the program:

Ray Ray Armstrong- 5 star Athlete out of just recently crown 6A State Champions Sanford Seminole(FL). aT 6'4, 218lbs. he is physically impsong already. Projects as a S/OLB at Miami. Always seems to be around the ball and always looking to make the big hit. Fits into the mold of a Sean Taylor type player. I know those aren't words you just throw around, but he does look that good. Really excited about this kid. Committed to Miami. Offers: USC, Florida, FSU, Georgia, LSU and more...

Cory White- 3 star TE/OL out of Jacksonville Fleming Island(FL). From a recent interview he says he is up from 6'4, 225lbs. to 6'6, 250lbs. Says he does not care where he plays, but he does enjoy playing OL. Played LT this past year. If he has gained that much weight and grown 2 inches, that could be a good sign he could gain a bit more and be that prototype LT we all are looking for. But i don't know if i see him gaining another 40lbs. But who knows. I see him redshirting and trying to put on that weight. Committed to Miami. Offers: FAU, FIU, Troy

Lamar Miller- 4 star RB out of Miami Killian(FL). 5'11, 205lbs. and a 4.4secs forty (has been timed as loww as 4.28). Just one piece of the three-headed monster we have committed at the RB position. Could possibly be the best all around back we have in this class. His high school coach Steve Smith has said he is very versatile. They have spread him out as a receiver and all due to the very good hands he has. Look for him to possibly gets some carries early and make an immediate impact in the return game. Needs to work on his strength a bit. Committed to Miami. Offers: West Virginia, UCF, Clemson.

Later we will have some bios of current OC candidates. Stay tuned...


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tidbit on Recruiting and OC News!!!

As some of you know already, please excuse my tardiness, Olivier Vernon has solidified his commitment to the University of Miami. Some of us thought Olivier was a Cane lock, but there was rumors of him waivering...not anymore. He made it official from what we're hearing inside his principals office this afternoon.

Other recruiting news...Reuben Randle will not be going to Bama. What we are hearing is that he is down to LSU and Miami. With a good OC in place hopefully by mid next week, we could have a legitamite chance at RR. Another one we are keeping a close eye on is Andre Debose. Good news coming out of him is that he will not be visiting UF this weekend. He was there last weekend on an unofficial visit. Maybe a little premature, but im getting a good feeling we have another Ramon Buchanon in the making.

Now to some good stuff. The search for an Offensive Coordinator is definitely heating up this weekend, beginning tomorrow, as Randy Shannon is interviewing his finalists for the position. There will not be an interview committee as Coach Shannon will have 100% control over who is our next OC. From what we hear he is leaning toward a guy with NFL background and a pro-set style experience. Names being thrown out there as finalists are New York Jets receivers coach Noel Mazzone, Cleveland Browns Assistant Head Coach Rip Scherer, and a new name who appears to be a finalist is former Steelers Quarterbacks coach and current Eagles offensive assistant coach Mark Whipple Philadelphia Eagles Bio . Other serious college coaches who are finalists, Chuck Long, Brent Pease, and Ron Prince.

Whatever happens this weekend could possibly determined where some of our recruits end up and it will definitely have an effect on where Bryce Brown goes. We will keep you updated.
Coming up, a break down of current commits, OC candidates and more. Questions please feel free to ask them. post any comments or concerns.


1st Recruiting Update

Our first blog on recruiting and it begins with a ticking clock. Tomorrow, Thursday January 15th, 2009 at 12:30 pm EST current UM soft commit, 6ft 3, 239 pound defensive end Olivier Vernon is set to announce his destination. To qualify for his designated early enrollment, he would have to be in class on January 20th. Classes have already commenced for FSU and Alabama, Olivier's other two choices. The chances of him becoming part of the illustrious University of Miami 2009 recruiting class are strong, but considering how he's been wavering the past few months nothing is certain. Regardless of his decision, we wish him the best and hope to welcome him with open arms as a fellow hurricane.

Coming up sometime this weekend, hopefully by Friday or Saturday, we will have a breakdown of each recruit UM has commited to them already, followed the next day with a breakdown and news of each recruit that is visiting the upcoming weeks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Welcome to The Canes Wire. This is just a preview of what we have planned for our fans at the University of Miami. We want opinions and suggestions on how we can make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. We will be keeping you informed on the latest details and information that we gather regarding Miami football. We will have open discussions on all topics as well. We will be putting forth our maximum effort to put together some exciting events for our fans that will include tailgate parties, NSD parties, Spring football parties,Parties for no specific reason and much more. I will be elaborating and go into much more detail as we go forward. We are die hard fans of the U just as all of you are and we are excited to see what lies ahead. Stay tuned for our next post as we will obviously be talking about what everyone wants to hear about, recruiting.
Thank you and GO CANES!!!