Monday, January 26, 2009

My class sucks!!! But Miami's doesn't look like it will...

I'm so tired today. Just thought I'd share that with you. This past weekend was a bit exhausting for me, but it looks like some people really enjoyed it. Especially our visitors, starting with Marcus Hall. So much that he has now named Miami as his leader for his services next year. Hall said Miami made it very hard for him not to commit on the spot. Hall feels that the offensive line depth chart favors him more at Miami than at Ohio State (his other top school, blah). But he will wait till after he receives his last two in-home visits from Coach Jim Tressel first, then Coach Shannon. That can't hurt us. Hall rated his visit down here on a scale from 1 to 10, a 10. His mother is a big supporter of whatever he decides to do, she just wants him to be happy and not blame anyone else for a decision he has made.

Hall hit it off with fellow recruits Malcolm Bunche and current Cane commit A.J. Highsmith. Bunche added some "drama" to his recruiting process. He said he enjoyed all his visits and that he would have his decision the made before signing day, but will not make his decision known until February 4th.Bunche is considering Miami, Rutgers and Maryland. Bunche has said his favorite part of the trip was how he immediately got along and had a blast with previously mentioned recruits Marcus Hall and A.J. Highsmith. Another person he hit it off with was Coach Shannon. He considers Coach Shannon a very smart individual and also said he would be a big part in his decision come signing day. We have another thing working in our favor with Bunche. His 24 year old sister, Cetera lives in Miami and noticed how much love he received and how well he got along with everyone that was down here on their visits, including the current commits. She can definitely see him down here soon.

So I'm bored as hell here in class writing this up. Wow! I can't stand lectures, but I digress. Anyways, we will bring you more news on other recruits who visited, plus new commit Shayon Green who we were able to reel in.

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