Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Follow Up On Bunche, News on Marcus Hall and Whipple Also

First, for the sake of continuity, let's discuss Malcolm Bunche and his commit this week. We have given you a ton of info. concerning when and how he was going to commit, but even that was rendered useless since he apparently couldn't wait to commit. Before I get into discussing his measurables, can we all agree that Randy and the staff he has put together can recruit with the best of them, if not better?

Moving on, let's nitpick Bunche. He's a 3 star prospect that was committed to Rutgers for a long time, but let me tell you this kid will def. outplay his ranking. His entire family is athletic, beginning with his father who played defensive end for the Eagles in the 70s to his mother. According to the Herald, he's 320 lbs with just 16% body fat. That translates phenomenally to the next level. Even while we watched his video on rivals we were impressed with several things.

First, he uses hands extremely well, but what strikes me most is the exceptionally smart method in which he uses them. He has good technique, it does need some work, but what kids' doesn't at that stage.

Secondly, was his aggressiveness. Consistently on film he wouldn't just block and then stand around waiting for the guy to charge him.... he would go down field and initiate blocks. Even when his man would back off and drop back into coverage, against what was that man's diagram on the defensive call, he would peel off and destroy another dlineman.

If he doesn't get immediate playing time, I see him coming in right away as a redshirt freshman and playing a significant amount of snaps, especially when we overload the line. We'll try to get you some public film on him the second we can locate it.

Onto Marcus Hall.... guess who his best friend on the trip was? That's right, Malcolm Bunche. They even talked about rooming together. That all bodes well for us Canes. The problem lies in the fact that this kid has always been considered an Ohio State lock from an Ohio State pipeline.

But the plot thickens with him. Some feel discouraged due to the fact that his mother didn't make the trip with him down to Miami, but she didn't make his other trips either. Two people with solid inside information expect him to sign with us, but again I approach that with some trepidation just because it's so hard to get these kids away from home when they have the chance to play near home.

But again, the plot thickens. His high school teammate, Edwards, who is trying to get him to visit UT with him says "“A lot of people think that (Marcus will sign with OSU) but I think Marcus is going to shock a lot of people”. We can only hope so, here's the link to his film again, notice how he never disengages from his blocks:


Finally, Whipple. It became official today. I don't want to oversaturate the blog today with too much info as to how intricate his offense is, what his tendencies are, or lack thereof, etc. But I will link you up to a full video of the championship game that he headcoached in during his tenure at Umass and the video of the press conference:



***Breaking News*** We just found out that our starting tight end Dedrick Epps had surgery for a torn ACL that he hurt in December and will miss spring practice. He should be ready for the start of the season. We'll give you more information the second we get it.

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  1. Awesome! Its an exciting time right now to be a fan. With recruiting classes like these, Its only a matter of time!!! Good things are gonna happen! Randy has put the fence up again in South Florida! With a big sign that says OTHER SCHOOLS KEEP OUT!!