Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tidbit on Recruiting and OC News!!!

As some of you know already, please excuse my tardiness, Olivier Vernon has solidified his commitment to the University of Miami. Some of us thought Olivier was a Cane lock, but there was rumors of him waivering...not anymore. He made it official from what we're hearing inside his principals office this afternoon.

Other recruiting news...Reuben Randle will not be going to Bama. What we are hearing is that he is down to LSU and Miami. With a good OC in place hopefully by mid next week, we could have a legitamite chance at RR. Another one we are keeping a close eye on is Andre Debose. Good news coming out of him is that he will not be visiting UF this weekend. He was there last weekend on an unofficial visit. Maybe a little premature, but im getting a good feeling we have another Ramon Buchanon in the making.

Now to some good stuff. The search for an Offensive Coordinator is definitely heating up this weekend, beginning tomorrow, as Randy Shannon is interviewing his finalists for the position. There will not be an interview committee as Coach Shannon will have 100% control over who is our next OC. From what we hear he is leaning toward a guy with NFL background and a pro-set style experience. Names being thrown out there as finalists are New York Jets receivers coach Noel Mazzone, Cleveland Browns Assistant Head Coach Rip Scherer, and a new name who appears to be a finalist is former Steelers Quarterbacks coach and current Eagles offensive assistant coach Mark Whipple Philadelphia Eagles Bio . Other serious college coaches who are finalists, Chuck Long, Brent Pease, and Ron Prince.

Whatever happens this weekend could possibly determined where some of our recruits end up and it will definitely have an effect on where Bryce Brown goes. We will keep you updated.
Coming up, a break down of current commits, OC candidates and more. Questions please feel free to ask them. post any comments or concerns.



  1. REALLY liken the info here. As long as its accurate, I'll be here often... Thanks for the invite Jazz. I also think Ray Ray was also a big pick up...HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!

  2. Ray Ray was definitely a huge pickup...he jumped from 102 i believe to 13 in the rivals rankings on his play alone at the UA game. He also earned a 5th star, even though im not much of a stars kinda guy...but its impressive. The kid is going to be scary good...