Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whipp it Good!!!

Its becoming more and more apparent that we will be announcing Mark Whipple as our new Offensive Coordinator. Whipple is expected to be announced as early as Monday afternoon. As of now, Whipple is having final meetings with Randy Shannon, Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt and possibly President Donna Shalala on Monday. If he does accept the position, there is a good possibility that the hiring process will be expedited and the University of Miami could be holding a press conference as early as Monday afternoon. I would believe Whipple welcomes the return back to the college ranks, where he won a D-1AA National Championship with UMASS. He has been a candidate for head coaching positions in the past for other colleges. His most recent work has been quarterbacks coach and mentor to Ben Roethlisberger with the Steelers and just last year as an assistant head coach with the Philadelphia Eagles.

More news on new commit Shayon Green and rumors about other visitors who came away very happy with their visits and possibly are silent commits as we speak...coming soon



  1. As long as he stays for more than a couple of years, I'm all for it..

  2. We don't see him sticking around for more than a couple years. He is an NFL guy and if Bill Cowher does come back he would be one of the first people hired by him. I see him gone after the 2010 season, but I hope he sticks around longer.

  3. Thats disapointing.. fourth offensive coordinator in five seasons. No offense, but I hope your wrong. We need some creativity and continuity. To me, a GOOD OC being here for 'only a couple of years' is not going to help this program..