Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up, Injuries, and More

First, to wrap up the end of the week practices and weekend scrimmage. This week featured a lot of players being held out, which allowed a lot of our younger players, such as Lamar Miller and Mike James, to see time. Also, Jimmy Graham has seen some extended work at TE and is getting the playbook down, bit by bit. He's learning how to run with the football better, while improving on his blocking technique. We expect his contributions to help us out in a big way this year.

The weekend scrimmage featured a fast start by the offense, with a storng answer from the defense. The offense was carried by Lee Chambers, who ran extremely well and expects to contribute a lot more this season, especially after his good performance in the dissapointing loss to Cal in the Emerald Bowl.

Defensively, Ray Ray Armstong and Chavez Grant, who got some work at Safety, both recorded interceptions. Olivier Vernon also played well and is expected to contribute a lot this year.

Second, there are some more injuries. We mentioned last week how Ojomo was knocked out by a cheap shot to the jaw. The player who did it was a walk on from Norland, and has been reportedly kicked off the team. DE Eric MOncu went to Philadelphia last week to check into a supposed groin problem. Tests were done and we are still waiting on word, although Shannon said that he will ebgin conditioning this week. That should put his availability for the FSU game in question and probably puts his return at GTech.

Pat Hill, FB, is also injured and has his foot in a boost with an ankle sprain. Also, Trump seems to have tweaked his left knee and has it wrapped up. Lamar Mllerand a few othes were also held out with injuries.

We'll keep you up to date tomorrow with a practice update and recruiting news. Now that the season is officially 2 weeks away, we'll have our blog littered with as much information as possible.

As always thanks for reading and Go Canes!

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