Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Virginia Breakdown

I think it's easy to say this was our best game of the year. We'll get to special teams, but offensively and defensively we played very sound. Off to the grades.


Quarterback - B+: Jacory played well. He did have a really stupid interception. It's not so much the bad throws, that happens, and physically every QB makes them. While every QB makes dumb throws as well, it's not quite as bad as Jacory's. He seems to be forcing throws. Most of his interceptions are deep passes with double or even triple coverage. He has to get that corrected if we are to take the next step and truly be an elite team. AJ Highsmith got in and threw for a touchdown as well. Congratulations to AJ

RB - A-: Cooper had a big day, Berry also ran hard in between the hashmarks. Not much action/contribution from James and even less from Baby J, who is still recovering from an injury. Lee Chambers also ran well and deserves credit for running tough and with great vision.

OL - A-: Dominated a team they needed to dominate. Not much more can be said, but when you put up over 500+ yards, that's a clear indication that your Oline had it's way that day.

TE - B+: Graham had a beautiful catch for an early touchdown. The blocking from the group was even better, and they deserve a lot of praise for that.

WR - A: Hankerson had a big day, Byrd lead the corps with 3 for 56 yards, and Hankerson had a great touchdown catch to get us rolling. Great job by them.

Coaching - A: One of Whipple's more balanced games. He does throw a bit too much on first, but overall he's done great.


Dline - A: Similar to the offense, when you hold the other team to 150 yards, you dominated. Allen Bailey was unblockable, and our younger players in Micanor Regis (interception) and Jeremy Lewis stepped up and had solid games.

LB - Nothing earth shattering, but Cookie had himself another solid game. If he keeps growing and getting better we should have a lot of depth and very little weaknesses next year in our linebacking corps.

DB - You didn't hear Shields, Harris, or DVD mentioned much. That's a good thing for DBs. Vaughn played well, as did Jared Campbell, who made two good plays to start off our defensive series.

Special Teams:

Punt/Kick Coverage - F: We almost had one blocked last week against Wake. Well, this week one was blocked, and to make things worse they blocked another one. Almost unheard of. Panunzio should be embarassed.

Return - B+: We returned a kick for a touchdown, although not by design. Collier deserves all the credit for breaking 3 tackles and reversing his field after we went for the punt block and failed.

Coaching - D: Like we said before, Panunzio should be embarassed.

Thanks for reading and Go Canes.

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