Tuesday, May 19, 2009

John Wall, Penn State, And Commitments

It's official. John Wall to Kentucky. It's a shame, he would have made us a virtual lock for for a Sweet 16 appereance. It does speak volumes that we are making his final 2, but moral victories don't count for much.

Must look forward to next year, where we here that Ft. Lauderdale prospect and possible overall #1 Brandon Knight has UM at the top of his list.

CBs who we've offered are looking to commit soon. First is Tony Grimes. Rumor is he has UM high on his list and is looking to commit soon. Second, Cliff Coleman is looking to commit to his school of choice at the end of spring (which is at the end of this month). We'll keep you posted.

Finally, it looks like we have signed an agreement with Penn State to play them in 2016-2-17.

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