Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Recruiting News

First off, we'll start with Booker T. Washington Offensive Lineman Jose Jose. He has apparently given his verbal commitment to Tennessee's new gestapo coaching staff. How does this affect Miami. Virtually nill, in our opinion. He's an overweight player (severely) and that type of offensive lineman has gotten us in trouble in the past. Now, don't be fooled. He could very well turn out to be a great player, but he is a project at best, and is a risk to take. Here's a few pics to prove our point.

Some will say that this is just the latest of teams to join FSU and UF in breaking down the Miami wall, but right now neither of them have, and considering Jose Jose is not someone who are staff was on top of and recruiting hard, it's difficult to believe we feel any sting. There are also rumors that Tenn. is recruiting him as a Dtackle, which we are pretty much near done with in recruiting new targets.

The troubling part is that this further leads to the current supposed disintegration between UM and Booker T. Washington, which we will discuss at great length in our next update.

The second piece of news is that it is rumored that Miami has offered and received a verbal commitment from Jeremy Davis. He's a Fort Meyers product that is listed at 5'10, 165 lbs and plays WR. He is also the younger brother of former Cane Phillip Buchanon. There are rumors that he will play CB on the next level though. Here is his film:


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