Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Little This... A Lot of That

Been busy this week, with Canesfest and all. We'll have a Canesfest recap this week.

For now we'll discuss some recruiting.

Friday Night Lights was thsi weekend at UF. Carol City's (Miami) WR Allen Hurns was said to be the second best receiver there, after Chris Dunkley. Hurns is considered a strong Miami lean and Dunkley is considered a strong Florida lean.

Also, T. Glenn was kicked out for throwing up the U at the camp. Interesting to say the least, huh?

Additionally it seems as if Miami has offered Tevin Drake. If he accepts, that would mean Miami's class is all but wrapped up and we might try to find a spot for Gore to come in (maybe on Daniel Adderley's ship since he's no longer here). Here's a link to his game film:

One more piece of info, it seems as if 6'3 180lb Miami Monsignor Pace QB Stephen Morris has a UM offer and might be committing to us soon.

We'll keep you updated and we have a lot of breakdowns on positions and starting 2 deeps coming now within the next month, as well as practice reports.

As always thanks for reading and Go Canes!

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