Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Recruiting News and Canesfest

First, to recruiting. Allen Hurns, WR out of Carol City visited Miami today. Although he didn't commit as many speculated that he would, he did place us as his sole leader.

Canesfest was this past weekend at Landshark stadium. It was a very open and friendly environment allowing the players to walk around and mingle amongst the fans. The day included Randy Shannon addressing the fans, dunk tanks with the players, and an appearance by good 'ole Sebastian the Ibis.

One minor celebrity made an appearance in Bryce Brown, who came in support of his brother Arthur (although he wore his Tenn. shorts and key chain).

All the players made an apperance, but amongst the most impressive are the usual suspects i.e. Miami vice (Vaughn) Jacory (who is noticebaly bigger and the confidence drips off of him) and Bailey (he terrorizes villages in his spare time. He's that big!).

Remember fall practice is slated to begin, so we'll be bringing you updates with that. Also, since our first Saturday tailgate of the year isn't occurring until the Oklahoma game, we are planning a big event/tailgate with a few friends. We are in the process of trying to procure a pass for kegs and setting up a Beer Olympics type event.

We have plenty of more to come now, a few surprises on the blog as well, and activity will be picking up with breakdowns, predictions, starting lineup analysis, and so forth.

As always, thanks for reading and Go Canes!

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