Friday, September 18, 2009

Domination! Revenge was Sweet...

33-17 Final score! Defense was the name of the game. Important stat line; 39 carries, 95 yards, 2.4 ypc. That's what the Canes held Georgia Tech's triple option "attack" to. An amazing turn-around from last years 472 yards on the ground given up. Oh, and sprinkle in a 20-25 comp for 270 yards and 3 TD's from one Jacory Harris... Just about as efficient as can be. Jacory picked apart the GT defense with precision passing, whether it was a deep route or a short dink pass to convert a third down. Maybe a bit premature, but the "H" word is starting to creep up in the minds of some. My lips are sealed, but the kid is amazing.

My hats off to the dominating play in the trenches on both sides of the ball. GT Derrick Morgan could not even sniff Jacory all night as Fox and Pipho did a great job of containing him. Not only was the pass coverage great, but Miami also had a balanced running game. Graig Cooper had 17 car for 93yds and JJ had 14 car for 72yds and a score. Our defense was able to shut down reigning ACC POY Jonathan Dwyer to 5 car for 7yds before he exited with an apparent injury. At times it seemed like even before GT broke the huddle we were already in the backfield. Big step up from the Labor Day performance against FSU. Wow, it was good to see Vaughn Telemaque and Eric Moncur out there. Their return seemed to give Miami a much needed boost to the lineup.

An overall exceptional performance by the Miami Hurricanes. We must continue to build momentum as it will not get easier just yet. Next up, Virginia Tech. There has to be some confidence in the locker room, but coach Shannon and the rest of the staff has done a great job of keeping these kids grounding and focused. As the cliche goes, one game at a time.

We will have a complete breakdown along with notable stats from last nights game later on in the day. Thanks for tuning in!

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  1. GREAT GAME!!!

    I am willing to put our offense up against any in the nation. Offensive line does not let anyone get anywhere near Jacory Harris. They just know how to pick up any blitz.

    Also, Our defensive front 7 was dominating. DL had great penetration up middle and on edges. LB's were flying around cleaning up plays.

    My only worries with this team.

    1) Special teams coverage.
    Even when we had good kick, coverage was poor on all except the last one.

    2) Pass coverage. Team has a big lead. Opposing offense only has WR who has caught a pass all season. How does that guy consistently get single coverage on outside and get open deep on more than one occasion. That player should have been double teamed every play. Once QB drops back to pass FS should have been sprinting to take deep ball away from that WR.

  2. The Litmus Test from pre season on (for me anyways) was definitely the first four games. The sick part is that we have a young and talanted team and "Whipple Ball" is just getting started! Hopefully Coach Whipple will stick around for a while... Bravo to Randy and staff for reqruiting the horses and drawing up the offensive/defensive gameplans. Its nice to see everyone sippin on the Orange Kool Aid. GO CANES!!!