Saturday, September 26, 2009

Post Game Rant

Actually...none of that. Since we are looking to open up this blog more to those of you that participate and post, go ahead and rant in the comment section. We'll have a game breakdown by Monday night and tell you just where, in our opinion, we went and crapped the bed. It would probably be easier to point out where we were successful (um..... our bus driver was pretty good from what I hear).

So here's your forum to go ahead and take advantage of your chance to rant and lament or loss.


  1. #11 and 3-1 after the 1st 4 games. Already a successful year to say the least. COOP COOP COOP!!!!!!!!

  2. We'll take that. I thought we'd be 2-2 coming out of this, and if it wasn't for a monsoon, we'd probably be 4-0.

    Now it's time to see some real growth from our team, and hope that we can get some help in order to get into the ACC Championship Game.