Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mid Week Update, Recruiting and More

First we'll start with our recruiting news today. We have received a commitment (although it's been stated ot be at 80%, which is never good) out of a 3 star, 6ft, 5inches 260 lbs. Olineman Andrew Tallman. It was down to us and Virginia, and after the start of the season he has decided to commit to us, although he'll still visit Viginia and keep an open mind. He plays Tight End also, but look for him to be converted to an Offensive Tackle on the next level, ala Jason Fox. He has good hands and feet, but seems to overextend his arms a bit, which allows him to get beat. We'll keep an eye out for him.

Here's his video:


Also, tomorrow we'll have a breakdown of our keys to the game for Georgia Tech.

As we all know that, despite the loss, Clemson played them well last week. In short and not stealing tomorrow's blog's thunder, the key will be our d-tackles. They blow up the LOS, they push the QB and the option back while simultaneously killing the dive, which is the key component to stopping the triple option.

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