Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Clemson Screenshots

Thanks to our friend Rusty for doing all the legwork. Not much we can add to what he has added, so we pretty much copy and pasted his work here. Props to him, and hopefully it helps show you how our players are missing assignments. At some point, coaches just can't have all the blame chucked on them because their players refuse to execute.

First Part: Clemson's First Touchdown


This TD is on Jared Campbell (go figure). Let's break this down.

DL: Vernon

DL: Holmes

DL: Joseph

DL: Wesley

LB: McCarthy

LB: Sharpton

LB: Buchanan

CB: Harris

CB: Van Dyke

S: Campbell

S: Phillips

McCarthy showing blitz at the top. Cookie showing blitz at the bottom.

Palmer, TE, goes in motion. Campbell moves with him, it's his man. We're in man coverage. Phillips has the TE at the top. Campbell goes after Spiller (and so does Sharpton), ignores Palmer


  1. Thanks for using it. :) That's awesome. BTW, you have the wrong pictures up for that description. That describes the last play of the game but you have pictures of Clemson's first TD.

    Just a heads up.

  2. Thanks, sorry about that, just one of those days prior to posting this....all fixed.

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