Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is FAMU still a pushover?

On Saturday night FAMU will be coming into Landshark with the proverbial "chip on their shoulder" mentality. And why not? Is anyone actual giving them any chance whatsoever? As "homer" as this may sound, I'm not! "But their 4-0!". Yes and they have the best returner in the country in Leroy Vann. Now, I don't mean to take anything away from him or the team, but FAMU is ranked #24 in the country in the FCS(Football Championship Subdivision) not the FBS(Football Bowl Subdivision). They are 4-0, but they are 4-0 against teams like Delaware State, Winston-Salem State, etc. The teams they have played have a combine record of 5-12 in the FCS! Leroy Vann is an exceptional football player and deserves the accolades he receives, but again, Delaware State? Now that does not mean the Canes should take them lightly. We don't want another Appalachian State scenario happening here. Regardless of who they have faced, FAMU has shown that they can put points on the board, averaging 33.5 points per game. Their offense is lead by Senior QB Curtis Pulley. He was there 3 years ago at the Orange Bowl where Miami took it to FAMU and beat them 51-10. But now they have a different mentality. FAMU is coming to Miami thinking they can win this game. I think the Canes need to take that to heart, come out focused and intense as they did against Oklahoma and the rest. The Canes cannot have a letdown and I truly believe they are aware of it. From the looks of it, considering the practice reports and what fans and people close to the players are noticing, it is apparent these guys are not looking ahead or passed FAMU. I fully expect the Canes to come out and dominate and put this game away quickly. As the cliche goes, one game at a time. That is all the players are concerned with. I think they learned their lesson after VT(they need that). The big picture is in sight, but in order to get there they need to focus on each game separately. Each game is just as important as the next.

We do expect to see a few of the younger guys get some burn in Saturday's game. Look for Brandon McGee to get extensive work at cornerback. LB's Jordan Futch, Ramon Buchanon and possibly Arthur Brown should play more extensively. Also look for Tommy Streeter to get some playing time as well. I know everyone wants to see him play more, as do I. Offensive Line is another position where I think you will see more guys rotating in and out. I know we are all wondering if we are going to see A.J. Highsmith play as well. At first it was said that if he didn't have to play he wouldnt, but recently it was stated that he might see some time if the Canes pull away early. Why leave Jacory in there and risk injury in a blowout. Injury-wise I do believe Lee Chambers comes back and gets some carries with Mike James staying at fullback for the injured Pat Hill. Olivier Vernon is also set to go. Marcus Forston I believe is doubtful. Injury report should be out either later today or early tomorrow. Stay Tuned for that...

Another side note, some recruits that will be at the game Saturday night: 2011 LB Denzel Perryman, 2010 Commit OL Shane McDermott, 2012 DB Amos Leggett. I will continue to try to compile more names, those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

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