Monday, October 12, 2009

Game Breakdown and Injuries


Jacory started off throwing 2 interceptions early in the game, but settled down. After playing about a half of football, AJ took over for him. He went 3 for 3, and had a beautiful throw to Streeter, but that was pretty much it. Not a lot to be happy about, but still a solid outing where we threw for over 250 yards.

Score 7 and 1/2


When you rush for 224 yards, you did your job up front in the trenches. We did give up a couple sacks, but that's not completely on the line. We rotated a lot more players in as well, so the experience factor counts for a lot as well.

Score 8 and 1/2


No Coop, and Baby J got only one carry, but Berry and Chambers picked up the slack. Berry especially, by running for 162 yards on 14 carries. They also did a nice job in pass protection. All in all, with no real breakdowns or fumbles, you have to be satisfied with the performance.

Score 9


A heavy rotation, and a new leading receiver (for this game at least) in Tommy Streeter who had 3 catches for 55 yards. Lots of new faces and redshirt freshman that played and got valuable experience. No major breakdowns, and good downfield blocking as well.

Score 8 and 1/2


Not much production from them since the gameplan was run heavy, but Jimmy Graham did add on another TD catch. Even John Calhoun got some playing time, so this was just another position where we looked to give our backups some playing time.

Score 8


We did a good job of putting pressure on the QB, penetrating, and stoping the run. You really can't ask for much more, especially after being our 3-4 defensive lineman that get heavy playing time in the rotation.

Score 8 and 1/2.


Still missed a few tackles, but overall we played well. We need to see Spence keep improving and reaching last year's form. It would also be nice to see someone replace Sharpton. He still misses a few too many tackles and shoots the gaps wrong.

Score 7 and 1/2

Defensive Backs

We had a nice interception by Brandon and we held them to under 150 yards passing. Even Ray Ray got in with a big hit (that was flagged for a helmet to helmet, which is a bad call). Pretty much what you want to see out of your secondary, especially in a big game like this.

Score 9

Special Teams
We neutralized the return game of one of the better returners in the country, got good hang time and distance on our kicks, and even returned a punt for a touchdown, our first since Cooper did it in last year's home and season opener against Charleston Southern.

Score 9


On a body bag game where we want to make sure we don't develop rust, put up points in a hurry, and get valuable experience to our backups, the gameplan was simple and done properly.

Score 8


Rumors are going around that Forston, while injured, is lost for the year. This doesn't appear to be true.

Aldarius Johnson has a severe shoulder injury, and he might be gone for the year. Hopefully he can apply for a medical redshirt.

Josh Holmes also suffered a lower leg injury, and he won't play next week. He'll be evaluated on a weekly basis.

Jordan Futch is also gone for the year, rumors say torn ACL.

Finally Randy Phillips, Olivier Vernon, and Cooper should all be back next week for UCF.

As always thanks for reading and Go Canes!

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