Tuesday, February 3, 2009

12 Hours Before Mayhem

Quick, to the point info for now with an update for a schedule we are trying to stick to tomorrow.

First, Peter White has committed to Maryland. It's a shame, but rumors are he called Coach Fridge and he's sealed and delivered to them.

Also, Quinton Washington threw us a curve ball and picked Michigan over us and South Carolina. We sure didn't see that coming.

Quick break from recruiting.... it looks like Robert Marve is going to try and walk on with UF this year, so that should be interesting to see. I wonder how many classes he'll miss and drinking parties he won't.

Now onto Sam Barrington, this kid looked like he was going to sign with us, but we wish him luck in his endeavors at USF.

Tomorrow's day starts early, we should have our first big news at 9 am and will be updating it every hour or so via our blackberry while we are traveling from watch party to watch party until we end up at the official one on campus at 6pm. Please keep refreshing the blog, information should be flowing freely (as will the beer where we will be).

Thanks for reading and Go Canes.

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