Sunday, February 1, 2009

Can we get to Wednesday already!?!? Visitors news...

This weekend was a big one. With the arrival of Sheldon Richardson and many more on campus for their official visits, now was the chance to charm them and possibly reel them in. So how close did we get? A lot closer than some might think. Then again we also had the guys we needed to solidify as well. So how did that go?

Let's start with the "already" committed. Luther Robinson, as we stated in a previous post, was waivering a bit and still seems to be. Not much is coming out, but rumor has it that a member of the Robinson camp has stated that they are weighing their options and still figuring out where he was going. I guess we're gonna have to weight till Wednesday at 9:30am. That is when Robinson will be announcing his decision.

Ok, ok, we're in the clear it seems with Mr. Jamal Reid. Reid said he enjoyed his visit a whole lot and is fully committed to signing with Miami on Feb. 4th. Reid seems he has built a strong relationship with position coach Weslet McGriff. He was hosted by fellow DB Jo Jo Nicholas, but he also spent a lot of time with Lamar Miller, Ray Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye and Prince Kent. All who are solid commits to Miami. We look foward to him coming in and adding some much needed depth at the cornerback position and maybe getting some plays in on offense as well.

Andrew Tiller. I do not think our expectations were too high on landing Tiller, but after his visit it seems like our chances have increased. He came on the visit with his mother. She wasn't too sure about Miami, but after the visit and knowing what Miami is about, she feels very comfortable with Tiller coming down here. If he picks Miami, it's his decision but she would be fine with it. Tiller is also considering his home town team Syracuse. What Syracuse has going for them is that his coach at Nassau Community College is now part of the staff at Syracuse. I feel this would be a huge get for us as it will continue to solidify our OL class this yr. For those of you who are worried, it could only help Bryce Brown's decision as well.

He had a blast!!! How good does that sound? I really think Sheldon Richardson is the prized possession of this class. Well for some people that is. He came out blown away with the visit, saying it was much better than he though it would be. Although he did not decommit, he has been rumored to say that things have opened up after this visit and he has a lot to think about. Tons of rumors from Sheldob, from him actually saying I might be coming but to wait until wed, he thoroughly enjoyed his visit. The depth chart at TE was something he was very interested in. Dedrick Epps will likely be out for the first part of the season due to his knee surgery from the injury he sustained before the bowl game. That only leaves one TE (Richard Gordon, who happened to host Richardson) with any experience at the position. That definitely should be a factor in the deciding process. Both Epps and Gordon are seniors. Rumors are that he has said that "it's an opportunity you can't pass up." So then what are you waiting for, come on down!!!

Another tidbit...This is the second week in a row we hear that no coaches were present in a meeting among players and parents. I think this is a brilliant move on the part of the coaching staff to basically let the players and parents speak to each other and interact with other kids, committed or not. I am sure they had current players in the meetings as well. This is an obvious move to hear on the coaches to make the visitors hear it straight out of the horses mouth. Who better than the players to sell the program.

Feb. 4th should be an interesting and hopefully exciting day for the University of Miami and it's fans. We will be present at the school that day, trying to bring you up to date on the most recent signings and news coming straight out of the U.

DC rumors heating up. Coming up in our next installment.

Thanks for reading and GO CANES!!!

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  1. You're right...Great idea to let players and parents interact.