Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Injury Update.....

Rumors have come out that guard Joel Figueroa underwent surgery for an injury. Don't know what exactly he injured, but we do know it's upper body, either his arm or shoulder from what we've heard. Obviously it's never good to have a starter go down with an injury, but Harland Gunn and others will be able to step up and get some reps with the first team during Spring practices. Figs' play was up and down last year, so here's hoping that he recovers quickly and improves. He is still young and has plenty of room for improvement.

Also, Orlando Franklin will be getting a shot at the tackle spot. With Fox on the left hand side, it's a good thing for Franklin to get some reps at the right spot, maybe getting him familiar with the position making a possible transition to Left Tackle next year (after Fox leaves) easier.

We are still looking at film of last year's games and potential 2010 recruits. The reason we are taking so much time trying to look at film for next year's recruits so soon is because it seems as if Shannon is following the Texas method and locking down recruits early, so those who are on the fence know what class they have coming in and it pushes them to not only want to join them, but open up their eyes and see that scholarships are limited.

We hope to soon have a list of target players to fill our needs for next year, as well as a list of breakout players for 2009, surprise stars, impact freshman, and so forth.

As always, thanks for reading and Go Canes!

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