Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Live Update From Campus

We are here covering the third annual recruiting day festivities.

First impressions thus far is awe. Brandon washington and Mike James are very, very big and look physically ready to step in and contribute next year.

Coach Shannon spoke about the importance of building depthand getting our players prepared physically and mentally.

Additionally, we were privy to some extra film on the players. After the film the players were all asked player specific questions about why they chose Miami etc. All these players seem to have a genuine love for our Canes.

Coach Hurtt was asked about Bryce Brown, but due to NCAA rules he can't comment on current, unsigned recruits.

Aldarius Johnson, DVD, and Baby J were walking around greeting the 200 people or so while we were eating and meeting the recruits who were available.

The recruits sat in two tables, separated by offense and defense. The offense had Jacory with them and the table included Brandon Washington, Mike James, and Jermaine Johnson.

The defense had Sean Spence with them and included Olivier Vernon, Brandon Mcgee, and Curtis Porter.

We have pictures with them all, as well as some of the other coaches.

A long day, too long for us to go to the encore and watch our men's basketball take on Wake in half an hour. We are happy with the class we signed, although we do wish we would have offered Hosely (signed with V-tech), it would have helped, especially with Webster decommitting, but we can't look at this class and be dissapointed.

Sorry, forgot to mention this previously, but Mccaskil doesn't have an offer from UM. Forgot to ask the coaches about him earlier in the evening but I will jump online when I get home and see what information I can find on him.

Thanks for reading and as always Go Canes!!!!


  1. I dont know what the deal is w/ this Bryce Brown situation but I think this kid is gonna be bad news.
    This guy Butler is a scumbag! We dont need the headache. I hope I'm wrong...

  2. ...other than that, GREAT day today. I think the attention to the O-line is gonna pay off bigtime!