Friday, February 20, 2009

The Season Has Begun...

for baseball, that is. We'll be at the game Friday night, on campus at 7 p.m. versus Rutgers. We'll try to be on campus earlier and talk to a few friends about what's going on with the football program, but right now we can only pass along what we've read. That is about the offense in general.

Whipple's offense has impressed. Not just impressed as in "oh that's a nice car", but as in "oh look, there goes a Shelby Mustang". People are literally so impressed with the offense that they have their noses in the playbooks and can't wait to see our receivers and backs in action.

Cooper is expected to go back to punt and kickoff return, as long as Chambers and Baby J stay healthy. If not, look for one of our 2 (maybe 3) freshman backs to go to returns or help share the load so Cooper can stay there. Cooper is also expected to be used out of the backfield more often, ala Reggie Bush, wish should create mismatches. Of course, this is all contingent on Baby J and Chambers remaining healthy, but we really expect Chambers to have a breakout season this year, his junior year.

Will try to get you more info soon, but we are still watching film on games for last season. Next week we will have a list of expectations for our players and a possible analysis of any spring practice information we can get.

Thanks for reading and Go Canes!

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