Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bryce Brown Declaring March 12th.

He has said on his handler's, Brian Butler's, site that he will be declaring on March 12th. He will take one of his remaining two official visits left to Tenn. on one of the upcoming weekends.

We are still checking out film on last year's games and next years recruits. Next year is a STACKED year for UM. It's very important that UM not only cleans up and gets great talent, but builds depth. Right now I'd say we are 60% of were we need to be depth wise, and that's a direct reflection upon Coker.

Also, we are trying to get some information regarding the spring practices.

Lastly, the ACC is set to release the schedule for football on 2/12, so we'll have that for you the second it's released.

Thanks for reading and Go Canes!


  1. Im sorry... I know Im in the minority here, but WHATS THE DEAL???!!! This Butler guy is a joke and I "almost" don't even want this kid comin down here to my sacred U. He's got Team Cancer written all over him. CFL? Are you kidding me? Lets just say, I'm not holdin my breath! And if this kid loses his "handler" and turns into a team superstar, please erase this rant...

  2. As a matter of fact you are slowly becoming the majority. The N.Y Times exagerrated the comment regarding the CFL I believe, but in any case the story is getting old and a lot of people feel your sentiments. Seems like the kid wants to have his cake and eat it too. Dont get me wrong though I still want him to come to Miami, but if not I won't get my panties all in a bunch...Thanks for contributing King!!!