Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

We split the time this weekend between the baseball game on Friday night and the National Underclassmen Combine on Saturday. We'll have a detailed write up of the combine tomorrow, but we'll drop a few pictures today.

We plan on addressing the baseball team. Opening night at Alex Rodriguez park. We have a few pictures that are included toward the bottom of this blog. The night began with former Cane Aubrey Huff being inducted into the Hall of Fame by Jim Morris and former Cane and World Series Champion Pat Burrell. Congrats to Aubrey on joining a prestigious group. Also, congrats are in order for Ryan Jackson joining the prestigious Iron Arrow Society. So far, here are our impressions of the baseball team.

Friday night Chris Hernandez took the mound. He seemed a bit rusty, hitting a batter and wlking a batter in back to back innings, but he only allowed 1 run on 3 hits and 7 strike outs. This team lost 70% of it's homerun production from last year and we had 3-4 attempted steals, considering that we are now having to come into our own as a small ball team. Our relief pitcher Wulf is a monster, and to quote myself "he pitches as if he's upset with the ball and wants it as far away from him as possible as quicly as possible". We won 6-1, the highlight being Grandal with a 2 run homer late in the game.

Saturday was a double header, with us w inning the first one 4-2 and dropping the second one 5-4. The second game we made 3 errors in 2 plays and deserved to lose.

Today's game is at 13-3 right now, in our favor, so yo ucan pretty much lock it up. Here are the pictures we'v promised.

National Underclassmen Combine:

Opening Night:

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