Monday, February 23, 2009

National Underclassmen Combine!!!

This weekend we attended the Schuman's National Underclassmen Combine at Ransom Evergaldes School. One of the nations best combines, the NUC offers an opportunity to players who have not yet been out on the national spotlight, and unfortunately the opportunity for some to have the light turned off. It also showcases the top talent around the nation: like Todd Chandler, Gideon Ajagbe, Tacoi Sumler, Torrian Wilson, John Ragoo, DeAndre Johnson and more. As was the case this passed weekend. To be completely honest with you, I personally attended the upcoming sophomore combine. I was able to take out there with me a great player and eventual Combine MVP, AJ Leggett. AJ has recently transferred to Booker T. Washington after having a great year as a freshman at South Miami. I am so happy he left there, because they were headed no where fast. AJ plays safety. He measures in at 5'11, 160lbs., running a 4.6 40. AJ was impressive the whole camp in 1-on-1 drills as well as 4-on-4 skills competition. The only time someone was able to catch a pass on him was when they asked him to play a cover 3 and stand about 12 yards away from the receiver. The receiver caught a 3 yard slant and that was it. If they had pads on you could tell AJ wanted to lay someone out. He is a big time ballhawk and he wants to lay you out if you have the ball. He knows how to use his hands very well and plays the bump real well also. Look for big things from this kid. In winning the overall MVP award at the camp, he has been invited to the Ultimate100 camp later this year. He will also be attending future camps as well, including the Nike Sparq Combine in March.

Other players that looked very good also were Billy Rolle Jr., son of coach Billy Rolle (Northwestern and Killian). He was lined up as a safety and played pretty well. He is a big boy at about 5'10 180lbs. He will probably grow into that body and becomes a backer. Another kid was Julian Hamilton out of St. Thomas Aquinas. Measured in at about 6'4-6'5, not sure about the weight, but he looked solid for a freshman. He played DL/OL and dominated camp with speed and power. The best RB out of the group was a kid named Gary Holmes out of Seminole Ridge High School. 5'6 about 150 I would say. Ran a 4.45 40. I need to get the names of a couple other kids that were there, can't remember now. There was another good OL, a Byron Leftwich looking QB and a kid they were calling mini Antonio Gates playing of course TE. He looked real good as well. I will get back to you on those kids.

In the junior combine, the overall MVP was LB Gideon Ajagbe, best OL was John Ragoo, but a person who was there said that Torrian Wilson played lights out. Best DL was of course Todd Chandler.

I will have more info on the combine tonight or tomorrow. If any of you know of a kid who needs help getting his name out there and is a good ballplayer, email us. We can definitely help with the recruiting process and training. For more info email us, we can definitely help.

Thank you and GO CANES!!!

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